About us

Business Field

1. Products

a) Medicine.
- Manufacturing and trading pharmaceutical drug (including franchising).
- Manufacturing and trading herbal medicines.
b) Medical biomaterials
- Producing and trading biological products: surgical sutures, umbilical cord clamps, uritest, bio-reagents, biological materials.
c) Dietary supplements
- Producing and trading dietary supplements.
d) Cosmetics
- Manufacturing and trading cosmetics line.
e) Glasses
- Producing and trading corrective glasses and conventional glasses.
f) Hygiene products 
- Producing and trading hygiene products (sitting medicines, detergents ...).

2. Services

a) Drug distribution
- Mebiphar currently has more than 200 drug products distributed to over 2,000 pharmacies and hospitals throughout Vietnam.
b) Warehouse for storage - preservation
- Drug warehouse is designed according to WHO GSP standards.
- The warehouse is equipped with standard shelves that can be flexibility ajusted, modern forklift system.
- Warehouse is also equipped with air conditioning system to ensure suitable drug storage temperature.
- Modern fire protection system.
- Offering clean, safe and secure confidential information warehouse for customers. 
c) Drug procurement
- Mebiphar has the capacity to meet most of the drug procurement requirements. The drug procurement specialized  team has professional skills, experience, participating in the training cources for drug procurement held by the Department of Health and thus, ensure trust from customers. The bidding winning rate is quite high in most regions of the country every year.
d) Entrusted import
- Mebiphar has many years of experience in the field of import and export with professional team in charge of customs procedures quickly and accurately. Post-clearance goods are delivered and stored in accordance with the manufacturer's required storage conditions with the GSP WHO storage system.
- Guiding customers meticulously, precisely in the process of deposit procedures, payment of goods, delivery to the warehouse of customers.
- The workshop consists of  8 production lines:
 + Non-Betalactam line.
 + Betalactam line.
 + Eye drops, nasal drops line.
 + Liquip medicine, liquip topical drug line.
 + Dietary supplements line.
 + Medical Materials  line.
 + Functional food line
 + Cosmetic line.
- An Tai eyeglasses store:
 + Selling glasses products.
 + Glass assembly.
 + Eye tester equipment.

Brief history of company

 Office: 31 Ngo Thoi Nhiem road, Ward 6, Dist 3, Ho Chi Minh City 

 Factory: Lot III -18 road 13, Tan Binh Industrial, Wrad Tay Thanh, Tan Phu Dist, Ho Chi Minh City. 

 Tel:  (84-8)38.150.974 - 38.156.101
 Fax: (84-8)38.155.683
 E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  website: www.mebiphar.com or www.mebiphar.com.vn

 An Tai eyeglasses store: 219 road Tran Hung Dao B, Ward 10, Dst 5, Ho Chi Minh City

 Tel:  (84-8)38.557.915
 Fax: (84-8)39.509.708 

 Mebi-Austrapharm Pharmaceutical Joint Venture Company: Lot III -18 road 13, Tan Binh Industrial, Wrad Tay Thanh, Tan Phu Dist, Ho Chi Minh City.

 Tel:  (84-8)38.157.017
 Fax: (84-8)38.157.996 

- In 1988, Medical Biomaterial and Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was first established under the name Medical Biomaterial Factory (Mebifac), according to Decision No. 103 / QD-UB dated 11/06/1988 by People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Developed from a formerly factory of YTECO, Mebifac major products are surgical needles and UNFPA IUD (aid projects). At that time, Mebifac had over 30 employees with initial capital of 390 million VND.

- In 1993 Mebifac was renamed as Pharmaceutical & Medical Biology Factory under Decision No. 105 / QD-UB, dated 22.03.1993 of the HCMC People's Committee. The factory also received a workshop from 2/9 Pharmaceuticals and became partnership with An Tai Glasses Comapny. These changes bring the total staff of the Enterprise up to nearly 200 workers as well as expanded more products such as pharmaceuticals, glass products and biological products.

- At the end of 1996, the Factory built an assembly line to produce tablets and cereal powder in a factory on 223B Hoang Van Thu Street.

- The Facroty was awarded by the Drug Administration as one of the first Five drug companies in Vietnam and the First company in Ho Chi Minh City that have met the standard of ASEAN GMP in pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in July, 1998.

- Later in 2000, The Pharmaceutical and Medical Biology Factory was merger with Biopha Factory according to Decision No. 2950 / QD-UB-VX dated 12/5/2000 by People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.

- Under the order of Ho Chi Minh City’s policy to relocate factory from residential areas, the Factory started project to build a new GMP-ASEAN factory in Tan Binh Industrial Zone in 2001.

- In May 2002, the construction project had finished and a new factory was built in Lot III-18, Road 13, Tan Binh Industrial zone with total investment over 52 billion VND on 14,500  m2 land.

- July 2003: Established a joint venture company named Mebi- Austrapharm Pharmaceutical Joint Venture between Austrapharm Queenland PTY., Ltd and Medical Biology Factory and Austrapharm Queenland PTY., Ltd under Decision No. 2341 / GP of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. 

- In August 2003, a first production line of Betalactam tablets goes into operation at the new factory.

- In 2004 the entire factory in the inner city was moved to the new factory at Tan Binh Industrial Park and went into stable production since then. In March 2004, the Drug Administration of Vietnam recognized the Betalactam tablet production line has met the GMP ASEAN standards at Block III-18, Road 13, Tan Binh Industrial Park, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City. 

- 02/2005: The factory archieved the Certificate of GMP ASEAN on Non-Betalactam, eye drops, Betalactam from the Drug Administration – Ministry of Health of Vietnam. 

- In 2007: Transformed into Medical Biomaterial and Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company under Decision No. 5838 / QD-UBND, dated 18/12/2006 of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee. It is a state-owned company in which the government hold 100% of charter capital and operating under the parent-subsidiary model in accordance with Decision No. 3749 / QĐ-UBND dated 15/08/2006 of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. In March 2007, the Drug Administration of Vietnam re-inspected and certified the whole factory has met GMP ASEAN, GLP, and GSP standards. 

- In 2008 the company repaired and upgraded the factory into GMP WHO standard. 

- In May 2009, the Drug Administration of Vietnam re-inspected the factory and certified the  GMP WHO, GLP, GSP standard. 

- In June 2011, the factory was re-inspected and given certificate of GMP-WHO, GLP, GSP standard by the Drug Administration of Vietnam 

- In April 2013, the Mebiphar factory was then given certificated of Quality management system ISO 9001:2008 by Department of Quality Measurement Standards - Conformity Certification Center.

- In June 2014, the factory was re-examined and granted certificate of GMP-WHO,  GLP, GSP standard by the Drug Administration; two new pharmaceutical production lines also be simultaneously inspected. 

- In 2015, the Department of Health assessed  and granted GSP, GDP certification for preservation and distribution system; certification of eligibility drug trading  in the scope of import and export of medicines and medicinal materials. 

- In December 2015, under the decision of equitization by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Medical Biomaterial and Pharmaceutical Limited Liability company (Mebiphar) was converted into Joint Stock company with total initial investment of 100 billion VND and organized General Meeting of Shareholders to establish the Joint Stock Company under registered name: Medical Biomaterial and Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company – MEBIPHAR JSC. 

- In Febuary 2016, Department of Quality Measurement Standards - Conformity Certification Center – QUACERT certified Mebiphar’s factory the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2004/13485: 2003 Standard. 


Vission and Mission

Mebiphar attempts to build strong reputation as the ablility to bring out the highest value for every customers, partners, society, the board of directors and all of the employees. We commit to supply high quality products, good services at reasonable price along with the ultimate respect and responsibility to the society.

- Actively seeking trustworthy sources of raw materials to satisfy production demand and doing research on new products that are useful for human life.

- Giving prominence to the cooperative attitude and mutual development, considering customers and partners as friends to cooperate, ensuring the maximum benefit for customers and partners with suitable long-term stragetry.

- With the principle that human resource is the key factor of development, Mebiphar aims to create a professional, dynamic, creative, sustainable and humane working environment.

- Actively participating in social activities to share responsibility with the community, harmonizing business interests with social benefits in order to contribute to a better society. 

- Mebiphar strives to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam.



As the results of the suitable development strategy along with the efforts to overcome hardships, with the support of gorvernment branches, departments and customers, Mebiphar’s business activities have been developed nonstop, contribute significantly to the settlement of labor for society and the national budget. With these achievements and contributions to the society, Mebiphar has received remarkable achievements: 

- 1998: Certificate of merit by the Prime Minister on performance. 

- 1999: Certificate of merit by the Prime Minister for the achievement of three consecutive years 1997-1999. 

- 2001: Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Health for achievement of implementation of health plans and health tasks. 

- 2003: Labor Medal III by the Vietnam President for excellent performance since 1999. 

- 2008: Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Health for achievement of planning implementation year 2008. 

- In 2009: Certificate of Merit by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City for outstanding achievements in mission of two years 2007 - 2008. 

- In 2010, Compliment flag for the excellent unit in the emulation by the Ministry of Health. 

- In 2012: Labor Medal Class II by the Vietnam President for outstanding achievements in the work from 2007 to 2011. 

- 2014/2015: HCMC People's Committee awarded the certificate of merit for excellent performance. 

- In 2016: Reconized as one of the Ho Chi Minh City Industrial Park Representative in 2016 by Hepza Industrial Park Management Board. 

- Certificate of achievement: 

 + GLP laboratory standard. 

 + GSP standard for warehouse system. 

 + The distribution system has GDP standard. 

 + GMP-WHO standard for manufacturing system.  

 + International Organization for Standardization ISO: 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2004/13485: 2003





Office : 31, Ngo Thoi Nhiem Rd, Ward 6, Dist 3, HCMC

Tel :  (84.8).39 303 894 - Fax : (84.8).38 155 683

Factory : Lot III - 18, Rd 13,Tan Binh Industrial Park, Tan Phu Dist, HCMC

Tel :  (84.8).38 156 187 - Fax : (84.8).38 155 683 

Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       Website: www.mebiphar.com   Or   www.mebiphar.com.vn