Business Field

1. Products

a) Medicine.
- Manufacturing and trading pharmaceutical drug (including franchising).
- Manufacturing and trading herbal medicines.
b) Medical biomaterials
- Producing and trading biological products: surgical sutures, umbilical cord clamps, uritest, bio-reagents, biological materials.
c) Dietary supplements
- Producing and trading dietary supplements.
d) Cosmetics
- Manufacturing and trading cosmetics line.
e) Glasses
- Producing and trading corrective glasses and conventional glasses.
f) Hygiene products 
- Producing and trading hygiene products (sitting medicines, detergents ...).

2. Services

a) Drug distribution
- Mebiphar currently has more than 200 drug products distributed to over 2,000 pharmacies and hospitals throughout Vietnam.
b) Warehouse for storage - preservation
- Drug warehouse is designed according to WHO GSP standards.
- The warehouse is equipped with standard shelves that can be flexibility ajusted, modern forklift system.
- Warehouse is also equipped with air conditioning system to ensure suitable drug storage temperature.
- Modern fire protection system.
- Offering clean, safe and secure confidential information warehouse for customers. 
c) Drug procurement
- Mebiphar has the capacity to meet most of the drug procurement requirements. The drug procurement specialized  team has professional skills, experience, participating in the training cources for drug procurement held by the Department of Health and thus, ensure trust from customers. The bidding winning rate is quite high in most regions of the country every year.
d) Entrusted import
- Mebiphar has many years of experience in the field of import and export with professional team in charge of customs procedures quickly and accurately. Post-clearance goods are delivered and stored in accordance with the manufacturer's required storage conditions with the GSP WHO storage system.
- Guiding customers meticulously, precisely in the process of deposit procedures, payment of goods, delivery to the warehouse of customers.
- The workshop consists of  8 production lines:
 + Non-Betalactam line.
 + Betalactam line.
 + Eye drops, nasal drops line.
 + Liquip medicine, liquip topical drug line.
 + Dietary supplements line.
 + Medical Materials  line.
 + Functional food line
 + Cosmetic line.
- An Tai eyeglasses store:
 + Selling glasses products.
 + Glass assembly.
 + Eye tester equipment.