Vission and Mission

Mebiphar attempts to build strong reputation as the ablility to bring out the highest value for every customers, partners, society, the board of directors and all of the employees. We commit to supply high quality products, good services at reasonable price along with the ultimate respect and responsibility to the society.

- Actively seeking trustworthy sources of raw materials to satisfy production demand and doing research on new products that are useful for human life.

- Giving prominence to the cooperative attitude and mutual development, considering customers and partners as friends to cooperate, ensuring the maximum benefit for customers and partners with suitable long-term stragetry.

- With the principle that human resource is the key factor of development, Mebiphar aims to create a professional, dynamic, creative, sustainable and humane working environment.

- Actively participating in social activities to share responsibility with the community, harmonizing business interests with social benefits in order to contribute to a better society. 

- Mebiphar strives to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam.